8 Cool Kitchen Gadgets For…Here’s what you’ll really use!

I just finished reading an article about 29 Kitchen Gadgets that are so cool, you’ll want them all, and I didn’t agree with a single one of the recommendations! To top it off, on the same site was an article about gadgets you’ll regret ever buying, and I couldn’t go along with a lot of those either.

I have a lot of kitchen utensils that I’m assuming you have as well. I’ve mentioned the ones I use all the time here; but in Lazy Suzi’s kitchen, I promise never to mislead you for the sake of filling up a page. So here are my top 8 cool kitchen gadgets, tried and true, tested by me or a trusted, personal friend to be user friendly and worth the space. You can even add these to your wedding registry!

  1. Mango Wedger

    Amata’s Mango Wedger from Pampered Chef

    I love mangoes, but cutting them up is a slippery trick. Enter this awesome slicer that works like the one you might use on an apple, except the middle is shaped to fit the mango pit. My friend’s is from Pampered Chef, and seems to be the only one that cuts 4 slices. But you can get 2-slice cutters here.

  1. Flip ‘n Grip Spatula

    I wished for this years ago, but couldn’t find it anywhere. Finally, my husband’s aunt’s boyfriend got me one for Christmas, and it’s everything I had hoped for. For flipping delicate foods like fish, or when you don’t want to splatter, this thing is great!

  1. Onion Chopper

    Onion chopper
    My very own, much-used onion chopper!

    I have learned to love onions in chunks whenever possible, but for recipes that really need, say a full cup of itsy-bitsy pieces (like meatloaf or barbecue sauce), the chopper works wonders. Use it for peppers, mushrooms, cauliflower, etc. too. It doesn’t take up a lot of space, and it’s dishwasher safe.

  1. Melon Baller

    I use this as much for coring apple halves as I do for making melon balls!

    In my house, nobody will eat melon unless it’s already cut up and flirting with them from a plastic container in the fridge. My melon baller makes that happen quickly and easily. It’s also great for scooping out the core of half an apple; truth be told, I probably use it even more often for that!

  1. Spiralizer

    This little number got such high praise from two of my friends that I went out and bought one myself. I have to say it’s pretty darned cool for making spaghetti out of a zucchini! I’m still experimenting with mine, but it makes the list for genius fun in the kitchen. Thanks to Rita and Jennifer for suggesting this!

  1. Nut Chopper Jar

    I had one for years – ok, decades – before the tynes finally gave out and I had to replace it. I like it better than an electric grinder because I get consistently sized bits with no dust. It was also a great way for the kids to “help” when I made cookies!

  1. Potato Masher

    potato masher
    THIS is a potato masher!

    Not the one that looks like a wavy coil! Mine has a perforated flat bottom that almost makes it a ricer, and I wouldn’t be without it. All I can say to the haters of the mashers is if you can use a whisk to do the same job, you’ve totally overcooked your potatoes!

  1. Hand-held Blender

    hand-held blender
    One of my best yard sale finds! I’d buy this new for sure!

    Speaking of mashing potatoes, this does the job really well, too! For a super quick mix, like eggs or batter, this is really handy, easy to clean, and doesn’t take up too much space. I got mine at a yard sale, thinking it was worth a try for $3. Now I’d buy it new in a heartbeat.


So there you have it. These are the gadgets I use often enough to keep where I can get to them easily and quickly whenever I need them. You might notice the list isn’t very long, but why should it be? I don’t have that walk-in kitchen closet yet, so my space is limited!

Chime in with your comment below — what’s your favorite kitchen gadget?

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