About Me

Hi, I’m Laura, aka Lazy Suzi, and I’m here to share with you what I’ve learned about working in an every day kitchen over the past few decades!About Laura

I was 30 the first time I got married, and 90% of the gifts I received from my family were things for the kitchen. I enjoy creating gastronomic masterpieces as much as an artist loves to paint, and I looked forward to cooking in my own kitchen. Besides, ordering out is expensive and bad for your complexion; plus, you just never know what’s really in there. I thought I had everything I could ever want, but I was wrong. My family came up with more. Much more!

It’s a Family Thing

I come from a long line of hospitality professionals, so for us, food preparation is more than making sure everyone eats. My grandfather was an executive chef for decades, and turned to teaching at a vocational school in his later years. My aunt and uncle wrote cookbooks. My grandmother ran a catering business and a restaurant back in the day. I personally have worked on and off in restaurants, bars and catering companies since I was 16. For us, cooking isn’t so much a hobby as it is a way of life.

It’s A Daily Thing

On the other hand, let’s face it, I am not a professional chef, and making complicated, restaurant-quality meals every single day has lost some of its charm over the years. Cooking isn’t like other hobbies where you can decide to skip a day or a few days, or even a month, and then come back to it when you feel like it. For most of us, meal preparation is a task that has to be done sometimes two or three times a day, pretty much every day. You need a kitchen that’s stocked with enough of the basics to build a foundation. If you decide later on that you’d to try setting your pans on fire for dessert, that’s awesome! In the meantime, I’d like to help you get set up so you and your family won’t starve.

Let’s Be Practical

Think of your cookware, utensils and gadgets as the tools of your trade. Some are universally essential, and you should take care in selecting them. Others are nice to have, but you can probably live without them. And a precious few will become your personal, go-to favorites that you can’t imagine living without, even though your friends and family never use them and maybe never would. I created this website to help you sort through a lot of what’s out there, and help you decide what you really need to make the magic happen in your kitchen. Whether you’re new to the game, looking for upgrades, or just curious about the stuff you’ve already got, I hope these pages will inspire you!

Aprons Away!