Margaritaville Frozen Concoction Maker: Review of the Ultimate!

The ultimate party drink maker in all its glory!

Product: Margaritaville Tahiti Frozen Concoction Maker, DM3000

Price: $320-$350 (new, retail)

Guarantee: Limited 1-year warranty

Thumbs Up: Absolutely!

I know, this is a slight departure from the everyday kitchenware I’m usually talking about, but what the heck. Summer is upon us in the northern hemisphere, and that means we’re slipping out to entertain in the backyard whenever we can. I came across this gem at a graduation party the other day, and I thought it was so cool, I just had to tell you about it. (Congratulations Chloe and Chase!)

There were at least 75 guests at the party. Our host directed us to the bar where he said we could order any kind of slushie we wanted. Poor bartender, I thought to myself. Then I saw what she was using.

Is That Thing For Real?

At first I thought the machine must have been a rental. It was big! There were three 24-oz blending jars and a shaved ice chute that rotated, so you could make three different flavors all at the same time. Clearly this was not simply a margarita machine! I asked for a frozen pina colada, then watched.

All our lovely bartender had to do was put ice cubes in the top, turn on the machine, and the ice comes out shaved, not crushed or chopped, into the mixing jar. From there, she just blended the drink to perfection. Serious, restaurant-quality, frozen pina colada. (whipped cream, cherries, and fancy umbrella straw optional!)

How It Works

The top part is the ice reservoir which holds enough to make 18, 8-oz drinks. There’s a channel there to drain off the water from the melted ice, too, which avoids diluting the drinks. Press a button, and the machine shaves the ice, and pours it into the blender jars. You can add whatever you like to the jars to make frozen daiquiris, margaritas, pina coladas, mojitos, or any other kind of slushie you want!

Is It Going to Last Past Summer?

It should! The machine is made of brushed nickel with stainless steel and bamboo accents on the outside, and heavy duty die-cast components on the inside. The jars are made of dishwasher-safe plastic. In other reviews, there was a complaint about the jars cracking after three years of use; but you can buy replacement jars. (Or do what I’d do and bind them up with some attractive duct tape!)

Can’t You Just Use Your Blender?

Of course you can – if you don’t mind the little chunks of ice that clog up your straw in your slushie. The Margaritaville Machine scores big points for shaving the ice and then blending your drink. Plus, there’s a dial on the front that allows you to choose EXACTLY how much blending needs to happen to make specific types of drinks turn out the way they’re supposed to.

Margaritaville Tahiti Machine
The dial to set for the perfectly blended drink!

Where Am I Going to Put This Thing?

Well, if you have a bar – indoors or outside – that’s the obvious home for it. If you’re like me though, with no bar and precious little storage space in your kitchen, you might have to clear out a space in your basement, and bring forth the party machine like Persephone emerging from the depths of the underworld as soon as the weather warms up

Yes, But In My Every Day Kitchen?

That depends on you. How much would you love a slushie at the end of a long, summer’s work day? How often do you entertain? A few friends? A crowd? A bunch of teenagers? This might not be a 365-day a year necessity, but I sure can see it doing a lot of active duty during the summer months.

Other Reviews Are Overwhelmingly Positive

People love this item! Surprisingly, however, the most oft repeated praise of the Margaritaville Frozen Concoction Machine was for its entertainment value! Guests were simply fascinated by how it looked, how easily it worked, and how good their drinks came out in the end. I must say, I was impressed enough to write about it here!



If you really can’t picture this big of a machine in your space, you can still enjoy homemade slushies with a one of the smaller versions, also made by Margaritaville. The “Bali” or the “Bahamas” or the “Key West” versions all make delicious frozen drinks a single pitcher at a time.

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