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My dream kitchen could be a lot of things: a classic symphony of polished marble countertops, deep cherry cabinets, and sparkling glass tiles, or a shabby chic collection of fun colors and fully functional, retro appliances. I’d happily chop vegetables in a warm, country kitchen with a rustic wood table, or a modern, industrial space dominated by a center island with seating for six. Regardless of the style however, my dream kitchens all have one thing in common: an adjacent room the size of a walk-in closet where I could store every single piece of cookware, small appliance, gadget, and entertainment accessory that caught my eye.  

If only! In real life, I live in a house that was built in 1924, and although there are plenty of charming architectural details in main rooms, there really isn’t much to see in the kitchen. It’s a room with four walls and three doors, and I’m sure the back of it used to be a porch or a hallway where the refrigerator lived before the space was incorporated into the house sometime during the 50’s. There’s a sink, a stove, a refrigerator and just enough room for a table that rather tightly seats four. I have two itsy-bitsy countertops, four cupboards and a narrow pantry. Still, I’ve learned to work within this space, and created a kitchen that works for me 365 days a year. In short, it’s your average, every day kitchen.

As for that walk-in closet that holds all of my beloved tools and gadgets the way Carrie Bradshaw’s closet holds shoes, it doesn’t exist exactly. My cookbooks, serving trays, and large bowls are in a dining room secretary, my glassware is in a cabinet in the living room, and many of my small electrics are on a shelf in the basement. My actual kitchen is reserved for the stuff I really need and use all the time.


I have a friend who is still amazed that I cooked for myself before I was married. Hey, I like to eat! Over the years I’ve managed to keep up with the ever-changing tastes of my growing family, hosted Christmas brunches and Thanksgiving dinners for up to 20 guests, thrown parties, and even catered my last wedding reception in our backyard. (Ok, I had to borrow some stuff for that one!) The point is that my kitchen serves me, not the other way around. It took trial and error and time, but at last I’ve developed a healthy repertoire of recipes and dishes that don’t require tools that I either don’t own, or don’t feel like dragging out of the back of an already overstuffed cupboard. 

But enough about my kitchen – let’s talk about yours! Whether you’re fortunate enough to live in a house that features one of my dream kitchens, or you make do with a little stove, sink and fridge shoved against the back wall of your apartment, I’m betting you’re on food duty pretty much every day. What works for me might not suit your style, so let’s figure out what your every day kitchen needs in terms of cookware, utensils, and gadgets…oh my! We’ll talk about what’s out there, what some people love, and what other people hate. We’re aiming to cook smarter, not harder, so grab a coffee or a tea, and c’mon in! Lazy Suzi is always looking for an easy way to help you love your  kitchen!









4 thoughts on “Welcome to Lazy Suzi’s Kitchen

  1. My home was built in the 1940s. Were the people smaller then? Our kitchen is on the tiny side too, but it does have a good feel to it, like a lot of happy moments were shared at the table.

    Reading about your kitchen reminded me of a book I read in the 1970s, Laurel’s Kitchen. It was my start into food prep and understanding how cooking can be an expression of love.

    1. LOL! I think people just got used to squeezing in together. I know the former owner of my house raised 7 children in mine, and there’s no way they all ate in the kitchen! I’ve always had a kitchen in which friends and family could stop in for a cup of coffee and heart-to-heart conversations. I love to have company when I’m cooking, too. I think it adds good vibes to a house. I’m not familiar with Laurel’s Kitchen, but I’ll look it up. Like Water for Chocolate was pretty amazing, as the main character cooks her way through a lot of drama. I also love Peg Bracken’s I Hate to Cook book, but for different reasons. It’s very funny! Thanks for stopping by, Gary!

  2. Hi Suzi!

    Well I guess that my dream kitchen is actually one of those modern ones. I have a pretty nice kitchen and I am actually a guy that sometimes cooks for hobby. You know, sometimes I spend time watching TV and all those recipes and cooked meals on movies look so great that I decide to try them out. I am still pretty far away from my “dream kitchen”, since the kitchen that I currently have is pretty small. I’d love to have one of those kitchens with the seize of a bedroom and this is one of the main criteria that I will look when I will purchase a new house :)! Great post, what is your favorite recipe?

    1. Hi Andrei,
      I love those cooking shows, and sometimes I actually get information out of them I can use! I’m not sure my dream kitchen will ever materialize in real life, either, but mine is as comfortable and functional as space will allow. My favorite recipe? I make a mean meatball soup: spicy, Spanish albondigas in a savory, tomato-based broth. My kids make it in their own homes now, but I make it special whenever they come into town for a visit. I’ll probably do a post eventually on my favorite comfort foods, and I’ll be sure to include this on my list! Thank you for your comment!

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